Michael Kors Handbags Australia said, "when I was knocking on the New York stock exchange clock, I see down my mother said, 'is your tie.' I love my job. I have absolutely no plans on the face clock. As long as you focus on goals, do what you should do, I can do it."
In December 2011, Michael Kors and his mother Joan Kors on the New York stock exchange
Another achievement is Michael Kors, in 1997 won the French brand Celine creative director positions, makes the fashion designer to America sit up and take notice. "The time is very interesting, because Marc Jacobs in the Louis Vuitton, and Narciso Rodriguez Cerruti, many people think that it is an American invasion in Paris... working with giants like LVMH, you suddenly realize that Cheap Michael Kors Handbags brand is not only the United States, also is international. I also realize the power of the accessories for the first time, no matter how bad you experienced a day, bad hair or drink too much, the day before but a handbags no matter how can guarantee effect." He only with LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault had spent three hours, including Kors six years the two Celine show in the contract, but on the management to give him a valuable lesson. "Today I experience to do many things at the same time, you must be juggling," he said, "if it's me, estimate will be too busy to have no time to think about it."
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